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November 2016At the workshop "Neue Perspektiven in der visuellen Bildungsgeschichte" which took place in Berlin, 24-25 November, 2016 [1] Christoph Schindler gave a talk on "Interlinking Pictura" a pilot project with the aim of realizing a VRE for analyzing pictures and other content in historical books.
September 2016The Semantic MediaWiki Conference [1] was held in Frankfurt 28-30 September, 2016 organized by DIPF and Open Semantic Data Association e. V.. The first day comprised a Tutorial Day with several experts teaching specifics of the use of Semantic MediaWiki. On the following two days the conference proceeded with Keynotes, talks and poster presentations on topics related to Semantic MediaWiki its use cases and future potentials.
July 2016At the Digital Humanities Conference 11-16 July, 2016 in Kraków [1] Christoph Schindler and Basil Ell presented the paper "Linking Qualitative and Quantitative Research by Thin Descriptions through Semantic Graphs. Experiments in Apparatus Design with Semantic CorA."
March 2016At DGfE Congress in Kassel, 13-16 March, 2016 [1] Christoph Schindler gave a presentation on the topic "Digitale Forschung jenseits des Gegensatzes qualitativer/quantitativer Paradigmen"
May 2015Workshop @ ISI. The Workshop "Digital humanities and the technologies of the semantic web: decolonizing description for the sake of digital humanities" at the isi 2015 addresses main points of Semantic CorA (May 18, 2015, 10:00 am - 5:00 pm).
March 2015Poster @ science 2.0. Christoph Schindler and Marc Rittberger presented the poster entitled "Liquid Semantics in a Collaborative Research Environment" at the science 2.0 conference (March 25 - 26, 2015) in Hamburg. Thereby, Christoph Schindler gave a short lighning talk.
October 2014Presentation @ SMWConFall 2014. Jan Novacek presented his extension entitled "Matching of External and Wiki Content by Entity Matching" at the 10th Semantic MediaWiki Conference (October 1 - 3, 2014) in Vienna. See the video.
July 2014Talk @ the colloquium "Bildungsforschung" at TU Braunschweig on July 2nd. Anna Stisser and Anne Hild presented results from research in the VFU ELF and gave an insight into the possibilities of working collaboratively with Semantic CorA: "Nutzung einer Virtuellen Forschungsumgebung. Einblicke in die Analyse erziehungs-wissenschaftlicher Fachlexika".
May 2014Talk @ the conference "Modelle der Erziehungswissenschaft in Mitteleuropa in der zweiten Hälfte des 20. Jahrhunderts – Forschungsergebnisse, theoretisch-methodologische Annäherungen" in Budapest from May 16-17. Anna Stisser and Anne Hild will present first results from the research in the VFU ELF on "Erziehungswissenschaftliche Lexika als Material zur Erforschung der Disziplingeschichte? Theoretisch-methodologische Überlegungen und inhaltliche Einblicke".
May 2014Talk @ the Workshop "digital history" in Zürich, May 14 2014. Anna Stisser and Anne Hild will give a talk about doing research with a vre based on Semantic-CorA. The talk will focus especially methodological and epistemological questions on how digital tools may change research in the field of history
March 2014New design for Semantic CorA! The project webpage and the vres have been revamped. Thanks to Peggy Förster for the nice design, Lia Veja for the development and the team for the great feedback!
March 2014Talk @ DGfE in Berlin. Christoph Schindler talked about Semantic-CorA at The research forum took place on Wednesday, March 12 from 10:15 - 12:45 at Humboldt University. Additionally, Marcel Kabaum and Markus Gippert presented their project and first experiences with Semantic CorA by doing historical research on school newspapers
March 2014

Semantic CorA now has a poster: Anne Hild and Anna Stisser created a poster of Semantic CorA, which describes main capacities realized in their projects. (File:Infoposter Semantic CorA.pdf).

Small PNG in German
January 2014Semantic CorA @ a German Journal of Educational History. Anna Stisser, Anne Hild, Basil Ell, and Christoph Schindler wrote an article entitled "Neue Forschungswerkzeuge in der Historischen Bildungsforschung. Die virtuelle Forschungsumgebung SMW-CorA für die kollaborative Analyse und Auswertung umfangreicher digitalisierter Quellen", published in the yearbook 'the Jahrbuch für Historische Bildungsforschung' (2014).
December 2013Workshop on Semantic CorA @ University Göttingen: On the December 20, the Semantic CorA project realized a workshop in Göttingen for interested researchers in the domain of history of education.
December 2013Poster presentation @ DFG-Workshop "Vernetzung – Austausch – Nachnutzung". Chrisoph Schindler and Marc Rittberger presented the poster "Virtuelle Forschungsumgebung am Fallbeispiel der Historischen Bildungsforschung". See File:20131216 2 Poster Schindler Rittberger Semantic CorA DFG.pdf.
November 2013Paper presentation and Award @ MTSR 2013. Basil Ell presented the paper "Semantically enhanced interactions between heterogeneous data life-cycles" at the 7th Metadata and Semantics Research Conference in Thessaloniki. See slides. The paper by Basil Ell, Christoph Schindler and Marc Rittberger received the Best Paper Award.
March 2013Paper presentation and Award @ ISI 2013 in Potstdam. Christoph Schindler from our team presented a paper on SMW-CorA at the International Symposium of Information Science in Potsdam. The paper, authored by Christoph Schindler, Basil Ell and Marc Rittberger, won the Best Paper Award of the ISI 2013.
June 2012Paper @ dh 2012. Christoph Schindler presented a paper with Basil Ell and Marc Rittberger about "Intra-linking the research corpus Using semantic mediawiki as a lightweight virtual research environment" at the international conference Digital Humanities, which took place in Hamburg from 16. - 22. July 2012.