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'''Coordination:''' [mailto:schindler@dipf.de Christoph Schindler]<br>
'''Coordination:''' [mailto:schindler@dipf.de Christoph Schindler], [mailto:julian.hocker@dipf.de Julian Hocker]<br><br>
'''Technical Development''' [mailto:basil.ell@kit.edu Basil Ell]<br>
'''Technical Development:''' [mailto:veja@dipf.de Lia Veja]<br><br>
'''Use Case Educational Lexica''' [mailto:anne.hild@sowi.uni-goettingen.de Anne Hild] and [mailto:anna.stisser@sowi.uni-goettingen.de Anna Stisser]<br>

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Coordination: Christoph Schindler, Julian Hocker

Technical Development: Lia Veja