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Semantic CorA was developed in relation of the use case of analyzing educational lexica in the domain of historical educational research. Two phd projects were doing their research while the vre was designed.

Research Data

In both research projects the examined data where educational lexica. A lexicon can be subdivided in three more entities, which are a volume, an article (also know as lemma) and the image file of the digitalization. Furthermore each entity has its own properties (see image "Entities for Lexica") which describe each of them. Based upon this facts we created a first data model which made it possible to describe the given data. right|thumb|400px|Entities for Lexica

Import and Handling

We were able to import bibliographic metadata (describing the data down to the article level) and the digitalizations themselves from the Scripta Paedagogica Online (SPO)-service which was accesible via an OAI-Interface. So in an automated process nearly 22,000 articles from different lexica were imported, fitting our data model and ready for analyzation. For manual addition from more articles we developed the extension OfflineImportLexicon which provided a standardized import routine for the researchers.

Templates & Forms

As described at our information pages for administrators the usage of templates and semantic forms is very important for the data management. Using these features, a baseline for the data import and display is provided which serves completeness and usability. ((Example: Beispielhafte Beschreibung des Einsatzes: Prägnatentes beispiel, Darstellung Wikisyntax, Darstellung als Formular (Screenshot), Darstellung Seite (Screenshot), Mehrwert beschreiben, warum dieser Einsatz sinnvoll und hilfreich ist.))

{| class="wikitable"
 ! Titel
 | [[Titel::{{{Titel|}}}]]
 ! Verfasser
 | [[Verfasser::{{{Verfasser|}}}]]
 ! Type
 | [[Type::{{{Type|}}}]]