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"Date" is a type and predefined property provided by Semantic MediaWiki to represent date values.
March 2013Paper presentation and Award @ ISI 2013 in Potstdam. Christoph Schindler from our team presented a paper on SMW-CorA at the International Symposium of Information Science in Potsdam. The paper, authored by Christoph Schindler, Basil Ell and Marc Rittberger, won the Best Paper Award of the ISI 2013.
June 2012Paper @ dh 2012. Christoph Schindler presented a paper with Basil Ell and Marc Rittberger about "Intra-linking the research corpus Using semantic mediawiki as a lightweight virtual research environment" at the international conference Digital Humanities, which took place in Hamburg from 16. - 22. July 2012.