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Date"Date" is a <a href="/index.php/Special:Types/Date" title="Special:Types/Date">type</a> and predefined property provided by <a rel="nofollow" class="external text" href="">Semantic MediaWiki</a> to represent date values.News
November 2016At the workshop "Neue Perspektiven in der visuellen Bildungsgeschichte" which took place in Berlin, 24-25 November, 2016 [1] Christoph Schindler gave a talk on "Interlinking Pictura" a pilot project with the aim of realizing a VRE for analyzing pictures and other content in historical books.
September 2016The Semantic MediaWiki Conference [1] was held in Frankfurt 28-30 September, 2016 organized by DIPF and Open Semantic Data Association e. V.. The first day comprised a Tutorial Day with several experts teaching specifics of the use of Semantic MediaWiki. On the following two days the conference proceeded with Keynotes, talks and poster presentations on topics related to Semantic MediaWiki its use cases and future potentials.
July 2016At the Digital Humanities Conference 11-16 July, 2016 in Kraków [1] Christoph Schindler and Basil Ell presented the paper "Linking Qualitative and Quantitative Research by Thin Descriptions through Semantic Graphs. Experiments in Apparatus Design with Semantic CorA."